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What is the new, real luxury in travel?

Luxury travel is booming like never before. The market share of luxury travel is 7%, with double-digit annual growth rates (source: IPK/ITB World Travel Trends Report 2018). Nevertheless: in established luxury markets we are continuing to experience a paradigm change. Luxury is now defined through intangibles. Self-discovery. Simplicity. Authenticity. “Slow movement” instead of opulent displays and excess. Yet the industry is struggling more than ever: the term “luxury” is becoming increasingly incomprehensible. What are the real needs of top-end travelers? How can providers successfully tap into this market segment in a sustainable way? How can a marketable concept emerge out of luxury’s complexity? And is “Hidden Luxury” truly the latest trend? Answers to these questions has been discussed at the last ITB Berlin, from 7 – 11 March, 2018.

The three pillars of luxury travel at ITB Berlin 2019:



Where you shake the right hands

If there’s one place to do business with key players of the luxury travel market, then it’s ITB Berlin. Hall 9 is a must, all the more due to the premiere of the new “Loop lounge @ ITB". Located directly at one of the entrances to Hall 9, Loop, with its exclusive network and selected exhibitors, creates a central meeting point for all luxury buyers.

loop invites you to join THE luxury hotspot especially during the welcome reception in the late afternoon! Between 16:00-18:00 you can network while enjoying drinks and snacks at the stand.


Where you can peek through the keyhole

These were the highlights of ITB Berlin Convention 2018:

A butler, a COO from a top destination, a paparazzo, a luxury resort for celebrities and a luxury blogger will help you understand “Hidden Luxury”. The icing on the cake: During ITB Future Day you were shown which market studies from the Americas, China and Europe you need to know.

Travelzoo presented the latest insights about the revolutionary future types of luxury travel.

The Hospitality CEO-Panel focused on entirely new forms of services, customer acquisition & retention and process optimization.



Where you can feel the heartbeat of the industry

Networking, chilling and celebrating with the people who know what’s important. Save the date: Luxury Late Night on 7 March 2019. In this exclusive networking event at a special location, suppliers can exchange views with top-class buyers from the luxury travel industry.

Invitation only.

Experience our experts for the real luxury