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The whole world at one place.

Map of the world

Destinations at ITB Berlin

Granted: Over 180 countries and travel areas are not the entire world. But almost. Because whoever wants to present their tourism offers and make successful deals comes to ITB Berlin.

The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show® is the center and pivotal point of an entire industry – and the ideal platform for businesses and institutions from the whole world of travel, from Albania to Zambia.

Countries exhibiting at ITB Berlin with hall positions

Chronological participation of exhibitors: Countries and regions (since 1966) (XLSX, 62.8 kB)

Search for travel products in certain destinations within the Virtual Market Place®: List of exhibitors who offer their products and services in specific countries

Please note, that a trade show is a very changing and flexible business, that means that some country participation will be confirmed very late or might cancel - so online as well as printed information does not claim to be complete but orientation giving.

A Hall
Albania 3.2
Algeria 21b
Argentina 23b
Armenia hub27
Aruba 22a
Australia 5.2a
Austria hub27
Azerbaijan 3.1
B Hall
Baden-Württemberg 6.2b
Bahamas 22a
Bahrain 4.2
Bangladesh 26c
Barbados 22a
Bavaria 6.2b
Belarus 3.1
Belgium 10.2
Belize 22a
Berlin hub27
Bhutan 26c
Bolivia 23
Bosnia-Herzegovina 1.2
Botsuana 20
Brandenburg hub27
Brazil 23b
Bremen 6.2a
Bulgaria hub27
C Hall
Cambodia 26b
Canada 3.1
Cayman Islands 22
Chile 23b
China 26c
Colombia 23a
Cook Islands 5.2a
Costa Rica 22b
Croatia 1.2
Cuba 22a
Curaçao 22a
Cyprus 1.1
Czech Republic 7.2b
D Hall
Denmark 18
Dominica 22a
Dominican Republic 22a
E Hall
Ecuador 23a
Egypt 4.2
Eritrea 21a
Estonia 18
Ethiopia 21a
F Hall
Fiji 5.2a
Finland 18
France hub27
French Polynesia 5.2a
G Hall
Gambia 21a
Georgia hub27
Germany 6.2,7.2c,8.2,11.2, hub27
Ghana 21a
Greece 1.1
Grenada 22a
Guadeloupe 22a
Guatemala 22b
Guernsey 18
Guiana 23a
H Hall
Hamburg 6.2
Hesse 7.2c
Honduras 22b
Hong Kong 26a
Hungary 1.1
I Hall
Iceland 18
India 5.2b
Indonesia 26a
Iran 4.2
Ireland 18
Israel 7.2a
Italy 1.2
J Hall
Jamaica 22a
Japan 26a
Jersey 18
Jordan 4.2
K Hall
Kazakhstan 3.1
Kenya 21a
Kingdom of Eswatini/Swaziland 20
Korea (Rep.) 26a
Kosovo 1.2
Kyrgyzstan 3.1
L Hall
Laos 26
Latvia 18
Liechtenstein hub27
Lithuania 18
Lower Saxony 6.2
Luxembourg 10.2
M Hall
Macao 26a
Madagascar 20
Malawi 20
Malaysia 26a
Maldives 5.2a
Mali 21a
Malta 1.2
Martinique 22a
Mauritius 20
Mayotte 20
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 6.2
Mexico 22b
Moldova (Rep.) 7.2b
Mongolia 26c
Montenegro 1.2
Morocco 21b
Mozambique 20
Myanmar 26b
N Hall
Namibia 20
Nepal 5.2a
Netherlands, The 10.2
New Zealand 5.2a
Nicaragua 22b
North Rhine-Westphalia 8.2
Norway 18
O Hall
Oman 2.2
P Hall
Pakistan 5.2a
Palestinian Territories 4.2
Panama 22b
Papua New Guinea 5.2a
Paraguay 23a
Peru 23a
Philippines 26a
Poland hub27
Portugal 1.1,2.1
Q Hall
Quatar 2.2
R Hall
Republic of North Macedonia 1.2
Réunion 20
Rhineland-Palatinate 8.2
Romania 7.2b
Russia 3.1
Rwanda 21
S Hall
Saarland 8.2
Samoa 5.2a
Sao Tomé & Principe 20
Saudi Arabia Cube Terrace
Saxony 11.2
Saxony-Anhalt 11.2
Schleswig-Holstein 6.2
Serbia 1.1
The Seychelles 20
Sierra Leone 21
Singapore 26
Slovakia 7.2b
Slovenia 17
Solomon Islands 5.2a
South Africa 20
South Pacific Village/ Cook Islands 5.2a
Spain 2.1
Sri Lanka 5.2a
St. Helena 22
Sudan 21
Suriname 23
Swaziland 20
Sweden 18
Switzerland 17
T Hall
Tahiti 5.2a
Taiwan 26a
Tajikistan 4.1
Tanzania 21a
Thailand 26b
Thuringia 11.2
Tobago 22a
Togo 21a
Tonga 5.2a
Tunisia 21b
Turkey 3.2
U Hall
Uganda 21a
Ukraine 3.1, 3.2
United Arab Emirates 2.2
United Kingdom 18
Uruguay 23b
USA 3.1
Uzbekistan 3.1
V Hall
Vanuatu 5.2a
Vietnam 26c
Z Hall
Zambia 21a
Zanzibar 21a
Zimbabwe 20