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You aim the bow - we provide the arrow

On-Site Advertising

ITB Berlin offers a variety of opportunities to prominently present your brand to your target group: Take advantage of the coveted indoor and outdoor advertising spaces as well as the individual sponsoring, branding and promotion offers of ITB Berlin.
We turn your exhibit into a comprehensive image campaign that is perceived immediately – a must for maximum attention and clear differentiation from the competition.

Let yourself be inspired by different possibilities out of our extensive portfolio:

Thanks to our on-site adverts at ITB Berlin, we’ve raised global brand awareness and reached a lot of high-yield international buyers. (Advertising Sponsor at the ITB Berlin Exhibitions Grounds)

Helen Liu, Vice President Marketing, China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.

A must-attend event! And a perfect platform for directly getting in touch with our international clients and partners. (Advertising Sponsor at the ITB Berlin Exhibitions Grounds)

Tobias Ragge Director, HRS

Lilith Strebl-Schneider


MB Capital Services GmbH
Lilith Strebl-Schneider
Phone: +49(0)30/ 3038-2406

Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Spaces


e.g. 20,594.00 € per banner plus production and installation

Window Banner

e.g. 40,640.00 € for 1 window banner plus production and installation

Advertising Balloons

from € 19,228.00 € per balloon plus production and installation

Branding & Promotion

Hotel Shuttle-Branding

e.g. 15,955.00 € per bus branding plus production and installation

Site Map Branding

42,000.00 € incl. printing costs for 130,000 maps

Walking Acts

from 2,508.00 € per licence plus incidental costs

Individual Sponsorings

Bag Sponsoring

e.g. 9,414.00 € sponsoring license plus production costs for 10,000 bags

Lanyard Sponsoring

22,035.00 € sponsoring licence plus supply and delivery 50,000 lanyards

Service & Hospitality Sponsoring

Prices on request