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Jorge Vieira da Silva

Jorge Vieira da Silva is the founder and Principal consultant at MTA – Mobility, Ticketing & Applications, a consultancy acting in business development and project management consultancy the mobility environment to bring innovation into the market.

He is now also General Secretary of MASAI Mobility Community aisbl, a venture deploying solutions fr seamless mobility.

Personal professional track includes the creation of MTA in Paris in 1985 (with a sister company created in Brussels in 2006) and implementation of specific and specialized expertise, experience and competencies in:

  • Starting, managing and operating complex projects with strong technical content.
  • Setting up business plans for more than 20 business units, start-ups and departments of larger organizations
  • Elaborating product strategies for starting activities (market analysis, positioning, communication, sales and partnerships).

Main references include companies and organizations of all sizes and origins, mainly in Europe but also in USA and Japan, as well as over 25 years of experience of work with the European Commission services and specialized institutions (UITP, CEN, …).


Jorge Vieira da Silva
MASAI Mobility Community



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