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ITB Advisory. Ihr Schlüssel zum Erfolg.

Profitieren Sie von unseren maßgeschneiderten Beratungsangeboten.

ITB Advisory ist das führende Beraternetzwerk der Reiseindustrie und wurde durch die ITB Berlin im Zusammenschluss mit dem ITB Berlin Kongress entwickelt. ITB Advisory fungiert als Schnittstelle zwischen Kunden und Beratern. Sie wird unterstützt von den wichtigsten Akteuren der Branche, darunter UNWTO, WTTC, PATA, ETC und vielen anderen.

Was bietet die ITB Advisory – Sehen Sie hier einen Ausschnitt unserer Leistungen:

  • Diagnostische Methodik by ITB Advisory
  • Entwicklung von Produktstrategien
  • Strategische Planung und Implementierung
  • Positionierung, Branding und Re-Positionierung
  • USP- (Unique Selling Proposition) und UEP- (Unique Emotional Proposition) Beratung
  • Marktsegmentierungsberatung
  • PR und Kommunikation
  • Training und Weiterbildung
  • EU-Förderungsberatung etc.

Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf und beachten Sie unseren ITB Advisory Flyer (PDF, 234,1 kB) mit weiteren Informationen.

Kontakt ITB Advisory:

Informations-Flyer ITB Advisory (PDF, 234,1 kB)

ITB Advisory
Administration Office
+43 (0) 512 214 555 55

Bild Taleb Rifai

Taleb Rifai - Former Secretary General, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

“Over the past decades tourism has opened up to reach every corner of the world. New destinations are emerging and the more mature ones are changing. Trustworthy expertise and effective advice is a resource which should be smartly made available to any destination. Therefore I greet the innovative leadership of ITB Advisory in providing decision makers a new way of matchmaking with tourism professionals. Today´s world is more than ever about connections and sharing. To share and to deliver smart practices locally is no doubt the most effective way to act. Provided with access to experienced and responsible resources, tourism leaders can pave way to a fairer, stronger and more sustainable growth, making tourism one of the most effective agents of development.”

Bild Eduardo Santander

Eduardo Santander - Executive Director/CEO of the European Travel Commission (ETC):

"In our role of assisting the European member NTOs to exchange knowledge and work collaboratively, I greet this natural initiative of ITB to deliver a “matchmaking marketplace” for destinations and consultancies. In ETC, we work together to build the value of tourism to all the beautiful and diverse countries of Europe, by cooperating in areas of sharing best practices, market intelligence and promotion. Intelligently managed tourism is based on efficient networking at all levels; travelers have always appreciated less borders. Therefore, based in Europe and with a clearly “glocal” thinking model, ITB Advisory will help the most experienced resources to be found by the growingly specific needs of our destinations."