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What is Luxury Travel all about?


What is Luxury Travel all about?

We are experiencing a paradigm change in established luxury markets: Luxury is increasingly being defined intangibly. Self-discovery, simplicity, authenticity, “slow movement” - instead of an opulent demonstration of wealth and influence. What are the real needs of the top-end traveler? How can tour operators, hotels, cruise ship companies and destinations successfully tap into this market segment full of opinion leaders? Where is the journey heading? How can the complexity of this topic be put into terms and definitions – and marketable concepts? What can be learned from best practice examples?

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Hear what luxury in travel means today while sipping and savoring our reviving drinks.

11.00 Hello from ITB Berlin (David Ruetz, Head of ITB)
Clear-Cut Keynote: “From Experience to Enlightenment – Luxury at the Destination“ (Christoph Engl, BrandTrust, Winner of ITB Book Award 2017)

12.25–13.15 “New Luxury – What Top End Customers Really Want”

The things people aspired to have 20 years ago are now commonplace: Material luxury has become mainstream. At best, well-known, high-priced brands still manage to attract the upper middle class. But how does the top-end market behave – and where is it heading? What are top end guests’ critical decision-making factors? Of course the new luxury segment will require flawless infrastructure and demand a wide range of intangibles as well: sanctuary, exclusivity, space and time, a low profile, the ability to go incognito and personalized services – instead of “bling bling”. In the future, what exactly will people aspire to have, what do opinion leaders say, and will the industry react properly?

Moderated by:
Marc Aeberhard, Owner, Luxury Hotel & Spa Management Ltd.

Panel guests:
Jillian Blackbeard, Executive Manager Marketing, Botswana Tourism Organisation, Secretary, Tlhokomela Botswana Endangered Wildlife Trust
Sergio Comino, Director, Jesolo International Club Camping
Hon. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne, Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, Republic of Seychelles
Samih Sawiris, Chairman, Orascom HD

15.45–16.30 “Luxury Tourism Of Tomorrow: Gazing At The Stars On The Doorplate Or Under The Open Sky”

Desirable tourism offers are rarely sustainable. Luxury is often associated with abundance and opulence. The global avant-garde’s understanding of luxury is becoming reconciled with the concept of sustainability, however. Modern, high-end offers are simultaneously desirable, physically spartan and authentic, as examples like the Long Run Initiative show. Will recipes for success expand to the rest of the market or are classical market laws in effect here for the long run?

Moderated by:
Eike Otto, Consultant for Tourism and Regional Development

Panel guests:
Alejandro Castro Alfaro, Deputy CEO & Chief Marketing Officer, Costa Rica Tourism Board
Hitesh Mehta, President, HM Design Sybille Riedmiller, Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd., Zanzibar

Invigorating Luxury Reception
Hear what luxury in travel means today while sipping and savoring our reviving drinks.

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“True Luxury – an interview with His Magnificence Abbot emeritus Dr. Daniel Schonbaechler, Disentis Monastery, Switzerland”

Explore “The Ten Commandments of Luxury Travel” by ITB Berlin (PDF, 202.3 kB) Explore “The Ten Commandments of Luxury Travel” by ITB Berlin

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